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Cosmo Camping at Montreal RV Show

It is the first time Cosmo Camping exhibits at Montreal RV Show and we are very grateful to meet many new friends and campers from Montreal, Québec. And it is a great chance that we have exhibited as a brand new RV family campground with new mission and vision, after we have done the extensive renovations and management techniques in the past two years.

We are looking for new Seasonal Campers so you are welcomed to contact us for more information regarding our Seasonal Camping Packages, and our Open House Date will be released very soon before April.

And we are super excited to meet more transient campers in May! Please do visit us and join us with your friends and family. Cosmo Camping will be a great summer destination for families and friends to come together and experience a fun-filled camping adventure!

For Transient Booking, please visit:

For Seasonal Booking, please visit:

We hope to see you guys again at Montreal RV Show again!

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